1. Extra hydration!

The more hydrated your hair is, the more lasting and perfect its health will be. For this reason, it is very important that in your care routine you include the use of masks two or three times a week, after shampooing and before conditioner, thus avoiding damage to your hair strand such as breakage and dryness. For extra hydration, include the use of Argan Boom moisturizing oil in the morning and Coconut repairing oil at night.

2. Protect it from the sun and mechanical agents!

The sun, sea salt, pool chemicals, pollution, exposure to high and low temperatures, and the heat from mechanical tools such as irons, dryers, and curling irons increase premature aging of the hair, causing it to look battered and lifeless. Protect your hair with a protective thermos, this should be an essential part of your hair care routine, apply it as a styling cream in a small amount, our magical Blindagem bb Cream, rich in components and natural oils such as avocado oil, argan oil, vitamin E and linseeds, your hair will not only be protected, it will also be receiving a recharge of hydration and deep nutrition.

3. Choose your professionally recommended, high-quality hair care products.

Once the professional identifies the real needs of the hair with a capillary diagnosis, it will be more appropriate to choose between the categories of hydration, nutrition or repair that will promote life and extreme health for the different types of hair.

4. Do not use hot water while washing your hair!

When we apply very hot water, the hair remains dry and with the cuticles open, a change in the PH acid of the scalp can occur, causing problems associated with dandruff, hair loss and oiliness.

The appropriate temperature is warm, this will preserve the natural PH of the skin of the scalp and maintain adequate hydration in the hair strand.

5. Do not use products with high alcohol or detergent content.

It is possible that the composition of these products generates a feeling of optimal cleanliness, but their high percentages cause short-term dryness and accumulation of toxins in the scalp, which will impair healthy hair growth.

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