Have you always heard about the warnings about straightening your hair that makes your eyes watery? And the care you should take because they are products with FORMALIN?

Well, not in all cases this is a true argument, we will try to clarify those doubts in this blog.

Do your eyes water when you perform a straightening?

Do your eyes water when you slice an onion?

Do your eyes water or your throat bother you when your salad is prepared with vinaigrette or when you come into contact with vinegar for its many uses?

✔️ The onion is natural, it has a cysteine ​​molecule that, when cut, becomes a Sour Acid that is released and produces tears when making contact with the aqueous coverage of the eye, this part of the eye is responsible for producing reflex tears in response to foreign bodies, such as dust, an eyelash or some substance that irritates the cornea as in this case.

✔️ Vinegar is a liquid with a sour taste, it is produced as a result of the fermentation of alcohol such as wine and apple, these sour acids derived from vinegar are one of the main compounds of some of our STRAIGHTENING systems, which when in contact with the heat from the hair iron can generate tears in response to "reflex tears" that are created in the watery lining of the eye.

It is important that you know that these reactions DO NOT affect your health or your clients´, since these SOUR ACIDS are NATURAL derivatives.

Our Straightening products DO NOT CONTAIN FORMALIN, you can differentiate it because Formalin has a bad smell and the hair can last for months with a decomposed smell, which does NOT happen with our products.

Do not miss the opportunity to have the best products in your salon!
Remember that we have a line of Organic Straighteners without odors or vapors!

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